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The WaterPad NT is a single light switch sized wall control for use in wet or humid environments with RoomBox NT based systems. It can only be used as part of a RoomBox NT system. Before it can be used it must be properly connected and configured.
It is important that no electrical connections other than the connection to a RoomBox NT or expansion box are made to the WaterPad NT.

Installing, connecting, and configuring the WaterPad NT

See the installation page for full instructions.

Using the WaterPad NT

The WaterPad NT is an interface to the RoomBox NT, so the features available on it may depend on the firmware and configuration of your RoomBox and the WaterPad itself. When properly fitted, it is completely sealed against water ingress. It has no moving parts and has touch sensitive buttons.

When not playing any music or video in the room the pad will show the 'Off screen'. When playing music it will show the 'Playing screen'. These two screens are described below.

Off Screen

Slide to unlock

When the room has been off for some time the pad will go into standby mode where it will display 'Slide to unlock'. This is to prevent accidental operation. To use the pad you must first touch the bottom three buttons in the sequence left, centre, right. It will then show 'Off' and the time.