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The clock on RoomBox NT and RoomBox 6 systems is set from the front panel. In the instructions that follow the buttons on the front panel are numbered 1 to 5 from the left.

Getting to the 'Set clock' screen

RoomBox 6

Press button 2 (marked 'OK') to enter the main menu. The system will shut down.

The cursor should already be on 'Set Clock', if not, use buttons 1 and 3 to move it.

Press button 2 to enter the 'Set Clock' screen.

RoomBox NT

Press button 5 to enter the setup menu.

Press button 1 ('Clk') to enter the 'Set Clock' screen.

Setting the time

The first item on the 'Set Clock' screen is the day of the week. If the day shown on the screen is correct, press button 2 to move the cursor on to the next item (year). If the day is not correct use buttons 1 and 3 to change it.

Set the remaining items: year, month, date, hour and minute in the same way, using buttons 1 and 3 to change the value, and button 2 to accept the value and move on to the next item.

After you have set the minute, the display will show 'Set' in the bottom left, press button 2 to set the clock to the time shown. The seconds are always set to 00 at when you set the clock.

On the RoomBox 6 you will now need to exit the menu as shown below. On the RoomBox NT this is not necessary.

Exiting the menu on RoomBox 6

After you have set the clock on RoomBox 6, you will be returned to the main menu. Use buttons 1 and 3 to move the cursor to 'Exit' and press button 2 to leave the menu. The system will now restart. If you have a MusicBox fitted, the system may take a while to synchronise the titles, during which time you will not be able to use it. If this process lasts for more that a few minutes turn off the MusicBox and restart it.