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The RoomBox NT is our latest system controller. It covers 8 zones and is expandable to 24 zones using the 8-More and 4-More system expanders.

The RoomBox NT connects to any combination of the ColourPad NT, VideoPad NT, DisplayPad NT, and WaterPad NT. Note that you must use the NT version of the pad. Connection is by means of CAT5 cable and RJ45 connectors.


The RoomBox NT provides many features not found in the RoomBox 6

Expandable to 24 zones

The 8-More and 4-More system expanders allow extra zones to be added, up to a total of 24.

Teachable IR codes

IR codes for the control of sources and AV amps can be added to the system by the installer. This is done through the RoomBox NT PC configuration software. See Creating a new source type.

Three RS232 control outputs

There are three RS232 control sockets which can be used for control of some AV amps and heating products as well as our MusicBox.

8 Mappable IR control outputs

These outputs are intended for direct connection to blink emitters for the control of sources and AV amps by means of controller-generated IR signals and source-specific IR passthrough. Any output can be assigned to any source.

4 Global IR outputs

All 4 outputs have the same signal which includes all IR signals sent to any of the IR outputs and all IR signals from any zone even if that zone is turned off. These outputs can be used for general-purpose IR relay of signals from the zones.

Lighting control in all zones

The RoomBox NT can be used to control RoomBox NT compatible lighting systems from any of the control pads. From any keypad it is possible to select on of a number of preset scenes. The ColourPad NT features one-touch lighting control in which a press-and-hold in the centre of the screen will turn the lights to scene 1 (or off if they are already on).

AV Room integration in up to 3 zones

The Roombox NT allows easy integration of AV zones so that the familliar wall pad interface can be used to switch on and control and AV amp in order to provide 5.1 or 7.1 sound in that zone.

Control of HDMI video matrix switchers

The RoomBox NT will control norXtar, video matrix switchers, CYP video switchers and Wyrestorm video switchers allowing you to distribute high definition TV.


The RoomBox NT has 8 built in amplifiers with loudspeaker outputs, 8 line level audio inputs for the sources and source specific and global IR outputs. For full details see RoomBox NT rear panel connections.

Pad connections

Pads are connected with CAT 5 cable and RJ45 connectors. For connections see RoomBox NT pad connections.


The RoomBox NT must be configured with the RoomBox NT PC configuration software before it can be used.

Updating the firmware

The firmware within the RoomBox NT can be updated. To do this you will need a PC with a COM (RS232) port or a USB to serial adaptor. You will also need to download and install our Roombox NT updater software.

We suggest that you do not update your RoomBoxNT firmware unless you have a specific reason for doing so and you know that the new version will be compatible with all the pads and other devices connected to the RoomBox. If in doubt check here or ask on the 'discussion' page - click the tab above.

To download firmware for the RoomBox NT go to RoomBox NT firmware.

IR controller firmware

The IR controller firmware can also be updated with the Roombox NT updater software. For available versions to download, see RoomBox_NT_firmware#IR_Controller_firmware

Features not on the RoomBox NT

Some features that are on the RoomBox 6 are not on the RoomBox NT. You can check at the RoomBox 6 features not on the RoomBox NT page.