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Living Control manufacture and market a range of products to enable you to listen to sound and watch video round your house and to provide a simple interface with other home automation functions such as lighting and heating.

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RB6 front.jpg

One of our controllers will form the core of your Living Control system. The controller is generally fitted in a central location, often on a equipment rack.

Music and Video servers

ST6 front.jpg

These enable you to store and play videos and music. They form an important part of most system although it is possible have a system without a server.

Video switchers

These switch high quality video signals round your house.

CVX HD small.jpg
As well as our own CVX HD we are now able to control Logo30.png video matrix switchers, CYP video switchers and Wyrestorm video switchers allowing you to distribute high definition TV.

Control pads

ColourPadSmall.jpg VideoPadSmall.jpg DpsBrushSmall.jpg WaterPadSmall.jpg

These are the the display and control devices that are generally fixed into your walls, from which you control your system.