MusicBox upgrade deal

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We are offering a triple MusicBox upgrade package. Contact your dealer for details.


The MusicBox software will be upgraded to the latest NT version. This will let you control your complete system from a PC, Mac or iPhone. It may also be necessary to upgrade your RoomBox software.

Hard drive

The hard drive will be upgraded to 1TB - enough for 2000 albums in high quality flac format or even more as mp3. All your existing music will be transferred to the new drive.

Backup drive

A 1 TB external backup drive to protect your music. A full backup will have been done on your drive when you receive it so you will only need to do an incremental drive after you have added new media to the MusicBox. See the backup drive article for full details.

Wi Fi

The upgrade cannot guarantee that the iPhone app will work with your system as this depends on the details of your wireless network.

Free iPhone app download code

We will give you a free code to download our iPhone app with the upgrade.