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This is the page for information on setting up your MusicBox.

The data below is for MB-NT 3.94 software

Front panel settings

You can set up the MusicBox via the buttons and display on the front of the unit. The button functions are generally indicated by the bottom line of the display. Initially the buttons are, from the left, 1 - Eject disc, 2 - Media, 3 - Media, 4 - Menu, 5 - Off.


Pressing this button safely ejects any disc in the machine. In some cases there may be a delay while essential processes are completed.


This lets you play media direct from the MusicBox.

Pressing either of the media buttons bring up a list of media (albums). Use the up and down buttons to select the album you wish to play then press 'OK' select. Press 'OK' again to play.

Media playing screen

This shows when an album is playing. The buttons allow you to stop play and move to the next track.


This selects the main menu (see below) from which you can play media and set up the unit. Use the up and down arrows to navigate and 'OK' to select. Use 'back' to go back to the previous menu.

Main menu

Select Audio

Detailed selection of audio to play.

Capture disc

This is to rip CDs onto the MusicBox. Do not infringe copyright.

Change output

This selects the output that is displayed and controlled from the front panel. All outputs continue to play.

Setup unit

This allows many important setup functions to be accessed.

Setup network

This section allows you to set up the way in which the unit connects to an Ethernet network


Set this to: MusicBox


Set this to: workgroup


This sets up the wired connection (via the RJ45 socket on the rear of the unit) to the internet.

On selecting this option you are first asked if you wish to use this connection method.

On choosing 'yes' you will be asked if you wish to use automatic settings (DHCP). If you answer 'no' wired connection will be disabled.

Automatic settings

If you answer 'yes' automatic settings the MusicBox will attempt to get its IP address from the attached DHCP server.

Manual settings

if you answer 'no' to automatic settings, you will have to enter the IP address that you wish the MusicBox to have. The address that you use will depend on the network you are connected to.


Answer 'yes to this option only if your unit has a WiFI antenna on it. Answer 'no' if you do not have WiFi or have a wired connection into a WiFi network or router, this will disable the wireless connection.

Scan for access points

If you enable wireless connection you can scan for access points. If you answer 'no' to this you will be asked to enter an ESSID


Use this option to select the preferred network connection method. Unless you have a WiFi anteenna fitted to your unit, which you wish to use, set this to 'wired'.

Name Server

This setting is only required if you select manual network setup, otherwise it should show 'auto'.


This setting is only required if you select manual network setup, otherwise it should show 'auto'.

Setup internet

Use Modem

Select this to set whether you wish to use a modem (dialup) to connect to the internet.

FreeDb server

Select this to set the URL for the FreeDb server from which the MusicBox will get its disc titles. Use the up and down arrows to change the current character and 'next' to move on to the next character and 'back' to move back to the previous character. When on the first character, 'back' will exit the menu and return to the previous menu. Press and hold 'next'to save.

The URL should be set to:

FreeDb users

This sets the FreeDb username in a similar manner to the way the FreeDb server URL above is set.

Set to:


Scrobbler users


Setup SmartTitles

Setup import

Setup file layout

IR setup

Use this option to set the infrared remote control to be used with the MusicBox. Remote controls that can be selected are Sky, Sky +. Note that the Sky HD remote control is not supported

Screen setup

Info and tests

Re-compress status

This shows if any media are currently being re-compressed.

Show Network Setup

This shows the IP addresses in use for the wired and wireless connections and the gateway and DNS server. The last two are usually your router address.

Test Network Setup

This shows the results of trying to connect to the DNS server, gateway, and the internet.

Ping Address

This checks connection to a chosen IP address by sending a 'Ping' request to the address.

Ping Localhost

This performs a loopback test to check the basic network connection.

Ping Gateway

This pings the gateway.

Ping DNS

This pings the DNS server

Ping IP

This pings a selected IP address to check connection to an chosen outside site For example, you can ping, which is the IP address of or which is a Google server.

This test checks that the MusicBox can connect to the internet.

It may also be worth checking an invalid internet address such as (unless your local network uses the range which should fail the ping test.

Ping name

This lets you ping a url such as

Show free space

This shows the total recording time left on the hard drive at the current rip settings.


Lookup Unknowns

This option will automatically connect to the FreeDb[1] database and get the titles for all CDs that have not been titled yet.

Lookup unknown video

Suppport invite

Refresh Filesystem

Refresh Artwork

Refresh List Files

NT functions

NT functions allow the MusicBox to control the complete system including selecting all sources and adjusting the volume. Press OK to change this setting. Use the arrow key to change the setting then press yes/no to accept. Note that display will show NT functions 'OFF' until the system is restarted.

Backup controls

If a Living Control backup drive is connected to the MusicBox two additional items will be shown in the 'management' menu. These are explained in detail in the backup drive article.

Keypad lock