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This is our Wiki, the source of all technical information on Living Control products. If you have looked up anything on Wikipedia then this site should seem familiar to you. Use the search box on the left or just click the blue links to find what you want.

We are no longer manufacturing new products but we can still help with may spares and repairs.

If you want help and advice, you can ask questions (and get them answered by us) about any Living Control system or product on this page.

Are you a current system owner?

If you already have a Living Control system but are not sure what it is then the Identifying components in your Living Control system may help you. If you want to know more about it just ask on our help page. For upgrades and rebuilds contact for details

MusicBox titles

When you put a CD on the MusicBox it automatically connects to an independent music database called FreeDB to get the CD and track titles. If you have a problem with this check that your MusicBox has an internet connection and that it is set up properly as shown here.


If you have a MusicBox it can probably be upgraded to the latest NT specification, which will let you control the whole system from a network connection or an iPhone. This also includes a larger capacity (1 TB) drive and a 1TB backup drive. All your music will be transferred to the new drive and backed up to the backup drive.

Complete rebuild

If you love your MusicBox and want it to last as long as possible we can completely rebuild it using NEW, Motherboard and RAM, DVD drive, 1TB hard drive, and PowerSupply. All your music, styles, and playlists will be kept We also include a 1TB backup drive. The rebuilt MusicBox will carry a three year back-to-base warranty. Contact for details.

When the clocks change

If you wish to change the clock on your system, because the clocks change or for any other reason you can find out how to do it on the Setting the clock page.


You can find the original product manuals here. These will slowly be replaced by wikimanuals, these can also be found under the individual product pages.

If you have downloaded the Living Control client app for your iPhone you can get instructions for using it here.


You can download Living Control software.


We now do fixed price repairs in living Control products.

Although we will always do our best, we can never guarantee to recover the media from a faulty MusicBox. For this reason we strongly recommend that you purchase a MusicBox backup drive. To encourage users to do this we are be offering a combined NT upgrade, a capacity upgrade to 1TB and a backup drive. Call us for details.

Terms and conditions

For the terms on which we provide on-site support see Consultancy_conditions

Product Warranty

Fixed price repairs

For conditions regarding these see Fixed price repair terms and conditions