Identifying components in your Living Control system

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If you have inherited a Living Control system, or you cannot remember what components you have, this page gives you some information on how to identify the parts of your system.

Large boxes

There are various large boxes that are normally in a central location, often in some kind of rack. Usually they have lots of wires going to them.

Silver fronts

Our current range of servers and controllers all have silver fronts.

The Studio 6 and Studio 3 servers all have flat silver fronts with blue lights.

ST6 front.jpg

The rest of our current products look similar to this:

RB6 front.jpg

If there is a CD slot in the front then the product is a MusicBox of some kind. The display on the front may say if it is a MusicBox 3, MusicBox 5, or MusicBox NT

If there is no slot in the front panel (as in the picture) this will be one of our current range of controllers.

If it is a RoomBox NT the display will say RoomBoxNT in the top left, followed by a firmware version number. Take a note of this number as it may be useful when talking to us.

If it says RB6 followed by a firmware version number it will be a RoomBox 6

If there is no black window and display with just a plain silver front, the unit could be a RoomBox 4 or, if you have a RoomBox NT, it will be a 8-More or 4-more system expander. It might also be a CVX of some kind if you have video switching.

Black box

A black box with a display and a single knob is an older MRS or Event controller.

Blue or light grey box

A blue or light grey box is the Living Control 3hree.

Wall pads

Note that wall pads will be the NT variant if used with a RoomBox NT.

Single light switch size

If you have a control pad the same size as a single light switch it will be a DisplayPad of some kind. If it has a central plastic shield and three buttons in a curve it will be a DisplayPad-S of some kind.

If it has three buttons in a straight line it will be an older DisplayPad (Normally with and MRS or Event based system}.

If the pad has a grey plastic membrane front it is an outdoor DisplayPad

Double light switch size

If your pad is the size of a double light switch with a touch screen and a metal front plate it will be a VideoPad if it is monochrome or a ColourPad if it is a colour display.

If you have a flat plate with two parts, one of which is like a DisplayPad and the other has two columns of buttons to control your lights, this will be a RakoPad.

All-plastic front

If the pad has an all plastic front with touch sensitive buttons it will be a WaterPad. These are usually fitted in bathrooms or outdoors.