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This is a wikimanual for the Living Control iPhone client app


To use the app your iPhone must have a WiFi connection to the same network as your RoomBox NT. If you do not have a connection you should make sure that the WiFi netwoks settings in your iPhone are correct.

Launching the app

When you launch the app it will connect to your WiFi network and then scan for MusicBoxes to connect to. When it does this you should expect to see a bar at the bottom of the page with 'MusicBox - n.nn (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)' where n.nn is the version number of the MusicBox software and the number in brackets is its IP address, typically starting with 192.168.0 although some networks may have different numbers.

Touch the bar showing your MusicBox to connect to it.

Choosing a room

After you have connected to the MusicBox the app moves to a page showing the room names in your house that have been programmed into your RoomBox. Touch the room icon to control the music inthat room

Room icons

For each room you can select the appropriate icon by touching and holding the room name icon. This takes you to a page of icons, where you can select the one that you wish to use for that room.

Selecting a source

When you select a room, the screen changes to one showing you the Sources available in that room. Touch the source icon that you wish to play. This takes you to a screen showing the titles that you can play in that room.

Title selection

On the MusicBox

When you select a title in the MusicBox the screen changes to one wher you can select, by song title or artist what you want to play. by