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This is a test message. Your message should look something like this. Martin Hogbin 18:48, 16 August 2011 (BST)

Studio 6 help

I am a complete novice to studio 6 but have bought the following items:-

Studio 6 server Room 6 audio 2 video keypads 2 dual rako keypads

I currently own the following equipment and have sub sorted them into rooms:-

Bose t5
Blu ray player
Sky + player

Cinema:- Projector
Need to add sk and studio 6

Plasma tv

3 other rooms that need music...

What I am trying t achieve is the studio 6 cinema function in cinema room and lounge and also stream sk to both. I also want to stream all my iTunes music throughout the house and have radio and napster in all rooms

Question is does my sky etc wire straight into studio 6?

How do the video pads work if sky can't be wired into studio 6?

What I am trying to achieve is to tuck all my

You seem to have bought a collection of Living Control bits without first finding out what they all do.
The core of the system should be the RoomBox 6, which provides speaker level audio to 6 rooms. You need to take the audio inputs to the RoomBox 6 inputs. All the pads are connected by CAT5 cable to the jacks on the RoomBox. The line-level outputs from your audio sources go to the audio inputs on the RoomBox. You then need to configure the RoomBox using the PC configuration software.
The Studio 6 is a video server which will play two HD video outputs and four audio outputs simultaneously. Wire the video outputs to the two rooms where you want video. Component video down coax is probably the easiest way to do this.
I hope this gets you started. Please ask more questions if you need on this wiki, either on this page or on the discussion tab of any of the other pages. Martin Hogbin 22:45, 29 January 2012 (GMT)

Airport Express and Room Box 4

Hello - i have a Room Box 4 - what kind of cable do I need to buy to plug it straight into an Airport Express? Also - can you recommend an engineer to come and set it all up for me as Im rubbish at this sort of thing. I live in Bedfordshire.

You will need a twin jack plug to two phono lead to connect Airport Express to the RoomBox 4. You will also need to configure the RoomBox to have a new input. Ask again here when you are ready to do this. Martin Hogbin 14:23, 6 February 2012 (GMT)

Ok am ordering a jack to 2 phono - are you able to kindly let me know know how I can then set it up? Many thanks. BTW I also have this -

My aim is to be able to play the music from my phone through my house speaks via the control panels in each room. thanks!

You might like to have a look at this page to get an idea of how to add the Airport as a new source. If anything is not clear you can ask here. Martin 14:40, 6 February 2012 (GMT)

Living Control Roombox 6 - Display Pads

I have had a Living Control Roombox 6 for almost 7yrs now & have had no problems with it. I have 3 display pads - kitchen, lounge & master bedroom. The display pads in the master bedroom & lounge are working but the one in the kitchen is blank (i.e. off)....could this be down to something as simple as replacing a battery??? Please help!

No, this will not be a battery. You should first try unplugging it the plugging it back in again.
Can you drive the system 'blind'? Try pressing the centre button a few times, this would normally play your first source. Martin Hogbin 23:56, 5 March 2012 (GMT)

Room box 6

Hi, I have a room box 6 which is approximately 10 years old. Would you be able to tell me how I can change the source details? Name and kind of input, currently as a cd player and i want to change to an iPod dock. Also is there anything available to control the system via iPad? As its an older system. Many thanks Jared

You can change the source details with a PC and the configurations software which you can get from PC_configuration_software. You will be able to listen to the iPod dock output but not control it from the RoomBox. You would need a MusicBox to control the system with an iPad. Martin Hogbin 22:17, 16 May 2012 (BST)

Newbie alert! Accessing Music Box 3 via my PC doesn't give me any editing options

Hi, I've recently moved into a house where they have: Music Box 3 with v2.18 software Room Box 6 with v2.2 software

I have wired the Music Box 3 to my router, and can now see it (it is called 'MP3' - is that normal?). I have tried downloading various versions of the control software. One of them does allow me to play and skip tracks from my PC, but it doesn't have any other options like scrolling through lists of artists, adding / removing music or editing titles etc, I can just press previous or next, there aren't even any names visible.

On all software versions I've tried, it cannot automatically detect, instead it has an area at the bottom of the blue screen called 'Manual Connection', and then 'Address'. I have no idea what I am meant to put in here, but I typed 'MP3' and I could play and skip tracks, does that mean I have 'manually connected' or would I have been able to do that anyway?

Posts on the Wikipage say to take the software from the 'Client' folder - when I open my Music Box 3 from 'networks' on my PC, there is no 'Client' folder, just a folder called 'Import' which is empty, and one called 'Musicbox' which is full of music in sub-folders by alphabetic letter.

What version of software should I try, and where can I get it? Am I actually connected by Ethernet, or has the Music Box 3 somehow connected itself to my network wirelessly? If not, is there a way to connect it wirelessly? What should I key into the 'Manual Connection - Address' field? Why won't my Music Box 3 appear in the 'Detected Music Boxes' list? How do I edit my music with the software given that I only have play, skip and stop options on my control software? Can I just delete music manually by accessing the MB3 via networks on my PC, and add music in the same way by dragging into 'Import'? If so, what does the software really add?

Ultimately I just want to be able to a). remove the previous owners music and add my own, and b). control it (i.e select specific albums froma list etc) from my PC. Is this possible with Music Box 3, or only with MB5 and upwards?

EDIT: The last link at the bottom here: suggests that it is for my MB3 software version 2.18, but when I donload it, it's not really a full control app, it's just like a remote control with the very basics on it... :/

EDIT2: As a completely different alternative way to achieve what I want, would it be easier to get Airport Express, connect it to my Room Box 6, and play my music that way? Is that fairly easy to do? At present my Room Box 6 has 5 operating 'channels', Music 1, 2 and 3, then also Sky and DVD - how easily could I convert 'Music 1' to feed from an Airport Express instead?

Many thanks. Scarlet Jim 20:00, 29 November 2012 (GMT)

Jim, the software version that you have quoted shows us that you have a very old MusicBox so the PC software that works with it is also a very old version with limited features.
The MusicBox software you have is too old for us to send you an update disc so, to get it updated, you would need to send it back to us. You might like to look at this option, email for a price. Alternatively we could just do a software upgrade for you for a bit less. Martin Hogbin 18:48, 30 November 2012 (GMT)
Airport Express works well with the RoomBox 6. You would need to reconfigure the RoomBox for one of the inputs to be a generic source with no titles. See RoomBox_6_PC_configuration_software for details on how to do this. You could name the source 'Airport' or whatever you like. Martin Hogbin 18:53, 30 November 2012 (GMT)

Thanks for the info Martin. If you email a price to me that owuld be good. However in the short term I think I will try the other option, connecting RB6 to Airport Express, and see how that works for a few months before splashing out on an upgrade without knowing the equipment properly. You say above that I need to reconfigure RB6 for one of the inputs 'to be a generic source with not titles' - sorry if its a foolish question, but what does that mean? LivCon is all new to me I'm afraid. At present, my RB6 has 5 'channels' operating, Music 1, 2 and 3, then Sky and Dvd. Do I need to amend one of them, or create a new one? How do I create it as 'a generic source with no titles'? Scarlet Jim 21:16, 1 December 2012 (GMT)

You want a source with no titles, otherwise you will be asked to select a title every time you play the Airport. Using the config software mentioned above, just set the relevant source to say 'Sky' and then change the name to 'Airport'. Download and run the config software and it all may become a little clearer. If you have any problems using the software ask for help on the associated talk page. Or you could just use the existing 'Sky' input, so long as you do not mind it being shown on the pads as 'Sky'. Martin Hogbin 23:37, 1 December 2012 (GMT)

Can I use LivCon to control a light (outside my house) via internet?

Hi Martin,

I want to fit a 200W floodlight on the side of my house, and control it via the internet (motion sensor or local remote is no use as I want to turn it on when I am several hundred yards away).

I've seen several non-LivCon solutions that require me to wire the external light to a lightswitch in my hallway, then a). replace the existing lightswitch with a compatible wifi lightswitch, and b). purchase a receiver / transmitter which plugs into my router. I then send a message via internet (from anywhere in the world), message goes via my router to the receiver / transmitter, then on to the wifi lightswitch.

Can I use my existing LivCon system to do this or something similar, or does it only work with local Wifi / remote, not internet? If I can do it, what additional products do I need? What wifi lightswitches will be compatible?

Thanks, Scarlet Jim 12:01, 26 December 2012 (GMT) PS As this has attached to my previous post, might as well mention that my adaptor and Airport Express should both arrive next week, allowing me to access my Roombox 6 using my laptop, so then I will be able to set it up for all my audio needs - so apologies in advance if that leads to lots more questions! :)

The RoomBox 6 does not have any features that will help with your security light although we are going to add some audio and lighting security features to the RoomBox NT.
Please ask any questions you like about Airport Express integration. Martin Hogbin 23:40, 27 December 2012 (GMT)

Music box frozen -

Hi. My music box 3 is not responding to any of the controls and the music cannot be accessed from the rooms (it says *title error*). I have tried to reboot (turn off and off and also disconnect the power) without success. This has been a while so I thought I would ask if there is a way to reset or something?

Do you have the menu on the MusicBox display, or does it just say, 'MusicBox Powered by Startide'? Martin Hogbin 22:53, 17 April 2013 (BST)

Hi Ours is doing the same did you find out how to sort it out? We have also tried the turn off and on it's ok for about 2 minutes then goes back to *title error*

we have a party on new years eve and getting desperate

Help with setup

Hi Martin Fred Davis here from Luton! Please advise the best way forward regarding my setup. I currently have a roombox 6 v 2.2 which is currently saying "error 001 contact your dealer for advice". the serial number of this unit is 3146

Secondly I have a Musicbox-nt v3.76 which appears ok without any error codes Thirdly I have a Roombox nt v1.05 this also appears ok. I also have another music box which does not light up and has not worked from when I purchased it in 2011.

I would like to know

1)What is the latest software version that can be updated to my working units and how do I find and load the updated software to enable them to work together?

Updating the software in probably not that important but can be done. The RoomBox 6 requires a chip, which you can get from us. The RoomBox NT can be updated with a PC and our updater software which you can get from:

The latest NT software version is here:

2) how can I solve the error code of the Roombox 6

You just need to set the configuration

Download the config software from:

3) the e pads that I have are not nt versions which you said are not compatable with the Roombox NT where can i get the updated nt version videopads of which I need three and the display pads of which I need three?

All the NT pads are completely different from the old ones. You will need to buy NT pads.

4) How can I tell if I have NT compatable display pads as I have two types currently some are flat faced while others are more bulky and have v 2.0 inside.

Easiest is to plug them into the RoomBoxes and see if they work. It will not harm them to be plugged into the wrong box.

5) can I get the roombox 6 to work with the musicbox-nt and save the expense of the nt pads or long term is it better to set up the roombox nt with the musicbox nt and purchase the correct wall units.

Yes, the MusicBox can be connected to any of our RoomBoxes, you need a straight through serial lead.

6) I believe that there is a apple software that i can use on my iphone 4s to enable it to programme and control my nusic system

Yes, get the system working first and I will send you a free download code

7) I have a pure dab drx-702es that i want to enable with this system please confirm that this is compatable

That should work with the RoomBox 6. You will have to add the code yourself for the NT. See:

8) the roombox nt came with 3 ir transmitter smartpath ire 3.0 can this be used on the pure drx-702es

I am not familliar with that particular IR emitter but the Roomboxes work with most types.

Any other info that you can provide will be readily accepted Regards

Fred82.0.233.109 16:25, 25 May 2013 (BST)

Have a good look around the wiki. Most things should be there. If it is not just ask here. Martin Hogbin 22:08, 26 May 2013 (BST)

Configuring a Roombox 4 - which software?

Hi, I've just inherited a LC setup with a Roombox4 and Musicbox 3. I'd like to add some further sources and change the existing, it looks like I need some configuration software to do this, along with a serial cable? The software download page seems to only have roombox NT software - does this cover Roombox 4? Can anyone point me in the right direction with this? Any clarification would be great.


The RoomBox four is configured from the zone 1 pad. For instructions see here. It is rather limited in the sources that it supported. Ask here if you have any more questions. Martin Hogbin 20:56, 17 June 2013 (BST)
Thanks for this - very useful. Inevitable next question: Is there any way to configure new sources which aren't already listed?
No, I am sorry but there is no way to do this unless the source uses the same IR codes as an existing one. Martin Hogbin 09:37, 18 June 2013 (BST)

Display pad-S with V2.1 DPSE-PS AN MUCH MORE, PLEASE HELP!

Hi all, this is my first posting so please bare with me. I am in the process of purchasing an old part renovated part bodged house that i will have within the next month. The house has two roombox6 and a musicbox3, they look in quite good condition but dont have any control pads or wiring with them. I may have jumped in feet fits because i have just purchased 12 new old stock display pads there the "S" type and they have V2.1 on the box,My questions are this:-

1 How by looking and not firing up the roombox6 can i tell if it is an "S" or an "NT"?.

They are unlikely to be NT versions. These have has a large square chip in a socket and a 14-pin surface mount chip (IC2)

2 If the roombox6 are "S" then will all "S" display pads work even V2.1?.


3 Are there any known bugs with display pad "S" V2.1?.


4 Are both the display pads and the roombox6 updateable and if so are there any benefits of doing this?.

There is not much reason to update either, unless there is a radio tuner that you wish to control that is not supported by the version that you have.

5 This is puzzling me, one roombox6 has 2 blanking plates on the back left and right side around 6"X 1" in size it also has 6x green 4 pin speaker plugs and the other roombox6 on its 6"x 1" plates has 3x what look like optical inputs labeled SOURCE1,2&3 and the other plate has a p/c like socket on it and has 6 green speaker plugs also except they are what looks like screw in terminals not plugs, any ideas?.

The RoomBox with the optical inputs has a digital input module fitted. The socket on the other panel is for connection to our CVX video switcher. The speaker plugs are demountable terminal block. The plugs with terminals will unplug. Wire the speakers into the terminals. See Speaker_connections for details.

6 The Musibox that looks like a standard musicbox3 but it has 15 phono sockets on the rear unlike the standard 8 any ideas?. Kind regards Jeremy 23:13, 19 June 2013 (BST)

If you type for tildes ~ after your message it will automatically sign and date it for you
Like this: Martin Hogbin 00:19, 20 June 2013 (BST)

roombox 6

Morning Martin

I believe that the battery that maintains the memory in my roombox 6 software version 2.2 is dead and requires replacing. I have removed the cover and cannot see where the battery is on the top pcb,as stated on line, nor can I see any cable wire holding it. please confirm which component is the battery and the cost to send a replacement battery and fitting instructions.(I had to reset the whole system on the cpu as we had a powerfail over the weekend)Also can this cpu be updated? and if so what do I need to make it happen? the internal chip states version synl v2.2

Can you also point me to the right direction as to how to obtain the iphone software and have it set up to control my system ?

when loading new songs on my music box the cd online finder does not detect the album but fails continualy,I can see the musicbox in my network and can see and edit titles online so I know that it is working please point me to the correct site so that I can get the music box to find and retrieve the albums

my pure dab radio does not appear to change channels on my system I can only listen to one station (ABSOLUTE RADIO)what am I doing wrong?

Last but not least I can only detect two inputs of my music box not three as my roombox does not have digital input module and on my music box there are only two analogue outputs and one digital output how can I get around this (hope that my question makes sense)

Thanks in advance for your help

Fred Davis 08:24, 17 July 2013 (BST)

Fred, the battery chip does not look like a battery it is a black block like the other chips. It is secured by a cable tie.
Regarding the radio and MusicBox, have you set up the system yourself. Did it ever work? 14:18, 19 July 2013 (BST)

roombox 6

Hello Martin

I have a customer from 2003 with a Roombox 6. The unit has worked without issue for ten years now but recently after a holiday the customer returned to his house to find all displaypads fully illuminated with each character in block form on both lines. The same status for the MCU. I have tried to connect with the config software but it fails on each occasion. I have removed the backup battery to force a memory delete but to no avail. The unit is not responding to any input, even blindly. I would be grateful if you could advise how to proceed.


Daniel, sorry that I seem to have missed your question. Your MusicBox would need to come back to us for repair under our fixed price repair scheme at Fixed price repairs. Martin Hogbin 11:48, 3 October 2013 (BST)

music box3 audio server


how do I connect this device to my i-phone 3gs

cheers chris

Chris, you need to get the iPhone app from the Apple App Store. The MusicBox must be on a network to which the iPhone must have access. If you have problems have a look at this page. Martin Hogbin 08:51, 17 October 2013 (BST)

Stuck cd

Hi We have a music box 3 no remote and a stuck cd, how do we get it out? There is no eject option on the screen just two arrows, a music note, and 0. Many thanks

The first thing to try is to shut down the MusicBox then restart it. It should eject the disc when it restarts. If not, the CD drive has failed and it will need to come back to us for repair. See Fixed_price_repairs. Martin Hogbin 16:40, 5 December 2013 (GMT)
On reading your post again, it looks as though you may have an old Imerge unit. This will need to go back to Imerge. Martin Hogbin 16:42, 5 December 2013 (GMT)

3hree Box not communicating

My 3hree control box has been working since we moved in and left on for pretty much 14 years of its lifetime. Came back from holiday and no sound from box. I tried connecting up the box to examine the configuration settings using the software I downloaded from your site. Unfortunately it was not able to communicate with the PC. The blue LED is is working...

The good news is that our neighbour donated his old 3hree box to me as he no longer wanted it, so it has been pressed back into service. I used the config software to set up 4 inputs and it working now (after a I discovered a bad connection with one of the loudspeaker pairs which coincided with the first problem above). I should have checked more carefully before calling you, sorry. But Hooray! However, I have lost the ability to move the presets on the radio from the keypad and the CD track from the keypad. I chose the correct model from the available list in the configuration settings... anyway I have my system back albeit by luck in having a replacement.

Remaining issues are:

1. The original 3hree looks sick. Is there anything else I can try apart from return to base and repair?

2. Configuration setting to enable selection of CD track. Have I opted for an incorrect setting in the configuration software?

Thanks for your help so far Martin!

1 The only thing that you can do with your old 3hree is to return it for repair.
2 The radio station titles and CD titles (on a multidisc player) are set via the config software. It is under the heading 'Sources'.Martin Hogbin 11:06, 13 October 2014 (BST)

MusicBox will not boot

I recently purchase a musicbox 3, however when I power it up it only displays “ musicbox 3 Powered by startide” with none of the buttons seeming to do anything or change the display. It took a cd, that It has decided to keep for now.

I have looking on your wiki page on how to set it up and cannot see the server on my network when connect.

Would you be able to give me any help or advice please?

Is there a user manual for the musicbox?

Help (talk) 10:42, 3 June 2015 (UTC)

I am sorry to say that your MusicBox is probably broken and will need to come back to us for repair. See Fixed price repairs.
If it was described as working I suggest you take it up with whoever sold it to you.
The best place to get information on the MusicBox is on this wiki. Type MusicBox into the search box on the left and press 'Search'. This will list a number of articles that might be of use to you. If you cannot find what you want, ask on this page. You will need to log in by following the instructions at the top of the page. Martin Hogbin (talk) 10:52, 3 June 2015 (UTC)

musicbox 3

Hi Can you please provide the software update file to burn onto a cd for the musicbox 3? is there a procedure to reset the musicbox? can the pdf manual please be made available again? many thanks

I opened my unit up to eject a cd, i noticed that my musicbox might have hard its hard drive removed, the rack infront of the power supply was empty. Would I be able to simple install another to get it working again? (if so can you recommend a type and the procedure please)

There is no procedure to reset the MusicBox, the operating software is contained on the hard drive. If no hard drive is fitted you would need to send it to us as to install our operating system. We do not supply a operating system build discs. We would then install the latest version, so you would not need the update disc.
I suggest you contect whoever you bought the unit from about the missing hard drive.
I will try to add the .pdf manual for download, because of a quirk of our ISP that is harder than you might think. If all else fails I will email you a copy. The manual is not that helpful and you will probably get more information from this wiki. If anything is mising just let us know. Martin Hogbin (talk) 12:14, 4 June 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for your quick response. The repair cost will cost more than the unit is worth Im afraid, my only affordable option was to install a new hard drive and hope that I could download the software from yourselves to a disc as described on your wiki musicbox update.

The update disc will not help you, that will only update existing software. You would need a build disc, which we do not supply. Martin Hogbin (talk) 21:33, 4 June 2015 (UTC)

Roombox6 Hex codes for IR learning

Can you please supply us with the Infra Red Hex format codes (or a remote to be able to learn them) for the following commands on a Roombox6:

We are trying to give a customer remote control of his living control system and various source devices through the keypads via logitech remotes and a wyrestorm 4x4 HDbaseT matrix and are missing the following commands for roombox6:

Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Source 4 Source 5 Source 6 Volume Up Volume Down Mute Play (Music from Musicbox) Pause Skip Forward Skip Back Stop

We have discussed this system with Martin prior to specifying and installing and now find that Logiotech have the roombox6 on their database but there are no codes within the driver!!

Many thanks You can each me at or on 07766 404461

You can find all the hex codes at IR_codes. Ask here if you have any problems. Note that there is no way to select which music to play on the MusicBox using IR codes. It would be better to use the free Mac or PC apps. You can find these at MusicBox_and_Studio6_control_software_clients Martin Hogbin (talk) 20:35, 17 July 2015 (UTC)

System upgrade but no dealer?

Hello - I live in Newcastle upon Tyne and have a Roombox NT running v3.06 and a Musicbox 5 running v3.59. I have several wall pads (2 VideoPad and some DisplayPads) which I presume from reading the Wiki must also be NT in order to work with the Roombox? The VideoPad displays "Roombox NT" on its screen but the fascia of the VP and VP NT look exactly the same to me and the DisplayPads have no label/text on their fascia.

The system was installed around 2008 by a company called DSE who no longer appear to be contactable by email or phone. The mobile number on their website also rings without answer.

My original MB5 hard drive died a couple of years after installation (I had asked about backup but was assured by DSE that they didn't fail) and replaced with most of the music still intact.

I am keen to upgrade to an MB5 NT in order to be able to control the system via ipad/phone as well as using the wall pads. The backup drive option also appeals for obvious reasons.

I am interested in a price for this and also an idea of whether I can do the upgrade myself or if I need a dealer to help - I haven't been successful in locating an active one in the north east and am fairly au fait with IT having set up my own home network. I also want to check that my current wall pads will continue to function.

Many thanks


There is no way for you to upgrade the MusicBox yourself. It would need to come back to us as we have to reinstall the software from scratch. I think your best option would be our upgrade deal of the latest NT software, a 1 TB internal drive, and a 1TB backup drive. This would cost you £480. You would have to pack the MusicBox yourself and send it to us. We could post you a box for this, which you would have to return to us at the end. Martin Hogbin (talk) 13:23, 20 August 2015 (UTC)

OK thanks Martin, that is helpful. Can you confirm/clarify the following 1) does the roombox also need upgrading and if so, can it be done remotely or does it also need to be returned to you; 2) will my current wall pads continue to work with the upgraded system; 3) once you return the upgraded MB with the new internal drive and the backup drive, will I need a dealer to install them or can I do this bit myself?

Sorry for the slow response.
It would be best for the software in the RoomBox to be updated but there could be a problem with the pads. Can you check what version of software you have in the pads. To find this out you should press all three buttons on the DisplayPads and press and hold the logo (not the text) on the VideoPads to see the version numbers. You do definitely have a RoomBox NT? It should say RBNT in the top left hand corner of the display on the box.
It is simple to reinstall the MusicBox. Just connect all the leads as they were before. I suggest that you make sure that they are clearly labelled and that you take a photo before disconnecting anything. Martin Hogbin (talk) 16:34, 24 August 2015 (UTC)

You were very quick I think! OK here goes:

The displaypad shows two screens after I press the 3 buttons - "SPD V2.1 Z01 WAIT" and next "RB-NT 2-V3.6".

The main VideoPad shows "VideoPad-NT VP8-1 V1.3.06"

Our second VP went a little haywire when I tried to get the info up and kept on asking me to calibrate it (and then told me I failed several times) as well as randomly offering me different zone, backlight and IR options. I am hoping it will calm down and behave but if not hopefully I can find a pdf manual on here.

I have confirmed the roombox again says "RoomBoxNT" top left of the screen with "V 3.06" top right.



If you update the Roombox firmware I think you will need to update the pads. This will require new chips (£5 each), 2 each for the VideoPads and 1 each for the DisplayPads. You could either send us the ones you have for reprogramming or we could do some kind of exchange. They are not that easy to change but you are welcome to have a go.
The iPhone app was written for us by a third party and has a few bugs, see IPhone_app_problems. For various historical reasons we have not been able to fix these bugs. If you decide you definitely want the app I suggest that you first buy it from the app store and try it. It may control just the MusicBox without the upgrade. If it does not work we could send you an update CD which will update the software to the latest version but will not let you control the zones. You could then decide if you want to send the MusicBox back to us to be upgraded to an NT.
Or, if you prefer, you could just go ahead with the whole upgrade. Whatever you decide, we can still do the backup drive. Martin Hogbin (talk) 18:59, 26 August 2015 (UTC)

CD look up data base

My Music box will no longer access the data base. I have set the URL to It was working about two weeks ago. I have pinged the system and it all seems OK

I will look into this and get back to you. Martin Hogbin (talk) 16:05, 10 September 2015 (UTC)
It seems to be working now. It may have been a temporary problem at FreeDb. Martin Hogbin (talk) 17:55, 10 September 2015 (UTC)

Room box 4 error 001

Hi My room box has an error message Error001 please contact your dealer The control pads have a system busy message. The net result is that we can't use the system and hence there is no sound in any of the rooms. My dealer says he can't help- so I would very much appreciate knowing what I should do. Thanks very much

Sorry for the late response. Do you still need help? Martin Hogbin (talk) 13:14, 14 December 2015 (UTC)

Problem with Musicbox NT wifi connection

Hi Martin,

Just had a new wireless router installed. Music box NT was previously connected to old wifi router and worked fine.

Have gone through the wireless set up proceedure. The musicbox find the network and allows me to enter password and complete setup. However, it then appears to connect for a few seconds then drop signal, connect again and then drop signal and then nothing. This happened with my old Musicbox which you replaced after coming to look at it.

Please help as this is a great system when it works and it seems to me that it should be something quite simple to remedy!



I think it is a problem with the password. Have you got the PC or Mac app? If so, try setting the wifi password with this. Martin Hogbin (talk) 22:38, 23 December 2015 (UTC)

Living Control MRS user guide

Can you tell me where I can obtain a Living Room MRS instruction manual?

The MRS is a very old and we do not have any manuals for the MRS. The best information on the MRS will be on this wiki. If the information you want is not there ask on the associated talk page.
Are you just using one or are you installing one?Martin Hogbin (talk) 17:08, 9 January 2016 (UTC)

Unable to use Music Box 3 software

Hi Martin,

My living control system works perfectly apart from the fact that I am unable to use the MusicBox Control v1.33 software to create playlists etc. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to rectify this problem Thanks Nigel

Does the MusicBox Control software work at all? Will it let you play music? Martin Hogbin (talk) 17:02, 9 January 2016 (UTC)

I can play music from all pads but the MusicBox Control Software just says 'Scanning for server' and then 'Connecting' and finally 'unable to find server'

Any ideas !

It is a network problem of some kind. How is your MusicBox connected to your network? Martin Hogbin (talk) 13:10, 2 February 2016 (UTC)

IR hex Codes for Music Box 3

I've seen the IR hex codes on this site but they seem to be related to the main unit, not the Music Box 3 I'm after the hex codes for the following Play, Stop, Pause, Skip +, Skip -, Back, Cursor Up, Cursor Down, Cursor Left, Cursor Right, Enter, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue.

If these are available as a codeset please can they be emailed to or posted on this site


To control the MusicBox directly with IR you can use a Sky remote. You need to set the codeset (Sky or Sky+ ) from the MusicBox front panel. See MusicBox_settings#IR_setup Martin Hogbin (talk) 11:47, 1 March 2016 (UTC)

Roombox 6 Control.


We have recently took over a system which contains a working Roombox 6, the customer want's to keep this but we are upgrading the rest of the system and AV control with Crestron products.

Could you please provide us with means of control. IR Codes or RS233.

Many Thanks, Grant.

Unfortunately there is no way to control the RoomBox 6 externally except by emulating a DisplayPad which is probably not what you want. There is an old Crestron module out there that does emulate a DisplayPad but it is very crude.
It would be possible for us to write a RS232 interface to use the RommBox as a controllable multi-zone amp if there was sufficient demand for it. Would this help you? Martin Hogbin (talk) 15:02, 2 April 2016 (UTC)

First of all thanks for the quick reply Martin!!

RS232 control of the Rb6 would be ideal as we won't be using any of the display pads currently installed as the new crestron system will be controlling the sources, volume etc.

If you are interested in doing this I will email you later in the week to discuss. Martin Hogbin (talk) 10:13, 3 April 2016 (UTC)

Ok I look forward to hearing from you.

Living Control


Can you repair urgently a Living Control RB6 approximately 10 years old? It was supplied by A V Custom, Chesham

My name, Andy Huxtable Address, Shrubs Cottage, Gorelands Lane, Chalfont St Giles, HP8 4AB e-mail address is;

Many thanks

Andy Huxtable

Yes we can repair a RoomBox 6. For details see Fixed_price_repairs. Are you sure that it is broken though and that there is not a problem with the wiring or the wall pads? Martin Hogbin (talk) 21:59, 19 April 2016 (UTC)

Getting a previously installed Musicbox system up and running.

Hi Martin, I have just recently moved into a house that has more tech than a NASA launch, and I'm looking at getting everything up and running. The house is powered by Living Control devices wired into every room, and there are 3 large rectangular Living Control boxes, 2 with a readout displaying Musicbox 3.53 and one with a CD slot. The readouts have 5 round buttons underneath them, and they are all white. I have a few questions about these. Firstly, would you be able to tell me what they are from the description just given, and provide a manual with how one can go about setting them up and using them? Secondly, Is it possible to use Spotify and Airplay with these to broadcast music around the house, and if so, is it detailed in the manual as to how one can set this up? Thirdly, would you mind providing me with a link to the most recent MusicBox software update which I can burn to a disk, I believe I read it was 3.94 somewhere on here, along with the control and programming software to set up and configure the system? Lastly, the box has a code for getting the iPhone app from the app store stuck to the side of it, but the code has already been used, presumably by the previous owner. Is there any chance of getting a new code to use if possible? Many thanks in advance.



EDIT: I have just looked at the Back of the box with a CD slot (Musicbox), and it says Musicbox3 Audio Server, yet when looking at the front on the display, it says 'MB5-NT v3.94,' so not sure what to make of that. The other two boxes have a readout with 'RB6 v2.4' on them, so I assume that they are RoomBox6's.

It looks like you have two RoomBox 6s and a MusicBox 3 with updated software. From what you say about the displays that they all seem to be working.
To do what you want is simple. You need to get an Apple Airport Express and connect it as a source to the two RoomBoxes. This will require some special leads and the reconfiguration of the RoomBoxes. For instructions see Connecting_an_Airport_Express

When you have done this it will enable you to play from any Airplay enabled device to any room in your home.
If you do not want to do this yourself and would like us to do it for you please send me an email at
See Consultancy_conditions
Martin Hogbin (talk) 11:20, 1 May 2016 (UTC)
Hi Martin, thanks for the info. Would you be able to tell me where I can get a manual for the Roombox 6 and the Musicbox 3, along with the most recent software update and the software needed to install the update? Thanks for the info regarding the Airport Express, I will give that a go. Is it possible to stream Spotify through the system, or does that need to be done over airplay? Also, would it be possible to get a code for the iPhone app?
Many thanks,
Sory for the delay in replying. I have been away.
The best place to get info on all our products is on this wiki.
Spotify can be played via Airplay or from an audio output in a spotify player.
We have no more codes for the iPhime app I am afraid. Martin Hogbin (talk) 16:30, 9 May 2016 (UTC)
Hi Martin - thanks for the info, I'll look on the wiki then. Regarding the iPhone app, could you send me a copy of the IPA file for the app then, as I am looking to integrate livingcontrol support into an app I'm building for personal use. Following on from that, I noticed that earlier you wrote about a serial protocol and library that can be used for controlling the musicbox/roombox. Would you mind sending me an email with the documentation for the serial protocol and library, and also the web protocol that the iPhone app uses if possible. My email is Thanks.
I will send you an email. Martin Hogbin (talk) 11:10, 11 May 2016 (UTC)

No sound from RoomBox NT

Hi Martin,

My RoomBox NT has stopped creating any sound regardless of which source / room combination chosen. Everything functions / responds as usual, apart from making any noise - I can increase / decrease volume (both via App or keypad) but nothing will coax any sound! I ahve tried reprogramming the RoomBox through the config software but without any effect. Are there any test / checks that I should try? Can you make any remote diagnostics? Any / all suggestions very much appreciated.

setup is RoomBox NT / MusicBox3

Kind regards, Owen

Have you installed any lighting systems recently? These and some broadcast transmitters can cause interference with our amps.
Try the test shown under EMC on this page. If you get sound then you will need some of our filters. Martin Hogbin (talk) 16:23, 23 May 2016 (UTC)

Musicbox SMB and deleting media

Hi Martin, could you provide me with a bit of info on how to do the following:

1. Delete old media that I no longer want on the Musicbox

2. Copy approx 4,000 songs from my Mac to the Musicbox, presumably over SMB.

3. Provide the user credentials for the Musicbox, as I currently only have guest access and cannot delete content in the Music folder,

4. Did the iTunesSync software ever get created to copy iTunes content across to the Musicbox


1. The easiest way to delete music not required is with the Mac or PC app, which you can download free from MusicBox and Studio6 control software clients
2. You can put your music onto a USB stick and the follow the instructions on Loading music from a USB stick onto your MusicBox. Alternatively, you can copy music over a network as shown on Copying music to your MusicBox over a network.
3. Do not change or delete files directly on the MusicBox; you will break it.
4 The iTunesSync software was never created. Martin Hogbin (talk) 16:31, 5 June 2016 (UTC)

Hey Martin

I have a room box 6 which you and Richard Padun (remember him!) installed a while back say 10 years ago. It was working fine till I went to Hkg for five years and shut down my broadband connection. I was wondering if I could hire you for half a day just to get the system configured again. If not could you recommend me someone who could.

Sorry for the slow response. I can call to help with your system. Email me at to arrange. Martin Hogbin (talk) 09:25, 24 June 2016 (UTC)

Airport Express

Hi Martin

I have been following your instructions to add an AE as a source for streaming.

All has been going fine until I access the Roombox NT (V3.06) to configure the source. I can connect to the RB and enter dealer mode. If I try to configure on the sources page, all 8 standard sources show a red box/cross indicating there is no currently configured source. I presume this is because the current configuration hasn't downloaded from the RB to my PC. When I click the comms tab I get options to connect, disconnect, send source, send IR, but no retrieve option so I don't seem to be able to download/retrieve the current settings to edit and add the new source. Help please?


Unfortunately the retrieve option for the RoomBox NT config software was never written. You will have to write the config yourself from scratch. make sure that you save a copy when you have done this. Martin Hogbin (talk) 12:35, 7 July 2016 (UTC)

Event box

We have just moved into a house with an Event box and living control units and speakers in every room. Can I get this old system up and running with some software? and/or attaching audio input devices? I think you may need a PC running upto Windows 2000 is this true? I have Windows 7.

Is there another way I can use the speaker system? With ipad/iphone control and music source?

Many thanks Kate

This is a very old system and to configure it you will need a PC running Windows 2000. You could then set it up to play music from an iPhone using Airport Express. Alternatively we could call round to do this for you. See our Consultancy_conditions. Email if you would like us to call round. Martin Hogbin (talk) 21:07, 5 September 2016 (UTC)

Thanks Martin. I can get hold of an old laptop running windows 2000. Can you tell me where I can download the Living Control software I need to configure and put music onto the Event? I want to see if I can use the system before I buy an Airport Express. Many thanks for your assistance. Kate

Sorry for my slow response. You should be able to download the software from our downloads page but I have just niticed that the link is not working. I will try to fix it or email you the software. Email me at if you do not get it soon. Martin Hogbin (talk) 20:33, 15 September 2016 (UTC)

Box for posting MusicBox for repair

Hi there. I have a MusicBox which is frozen as described by someone else in your posts. It is a silver box with cd slot, not sure of exact model, but has words 'MusicBox powered by Startide' in the display panel. You mention in one of your replies that you can send a box for posting the unit back to you for repairs. Would it be possible for you to send me one of these? I can provide my address by email to you if so. Thanks, Lesley Clarke

Lost pre set music channels


I have lost the preset radio channels that show up on my Living Control panels. When you visited me you pre set radios 1,2,3,4 and 5 in that order and following a power down they all now result in radio 2 being selected. I'm not clear where to re set? Is this something easy to do? I'm happy to call to be talked through it.

Regards James Scott

2nd Hand Hardware

I have 2 * a LIVING CONTROL MUSIC BOX 3 and LIVING CONTROL ROOM BOX 6 x2 which I am no longer using as I have replaced the system. The Music 3 is no longer working, I believe the hard drive has gone. Is there a market for the hardware either for spares or for people that require replacement Control boxes. Please email me on

Thanks Mark

You could try ebay. Martin Hogbin (talk) 19:08, 12 December 2016 (UTC)

MRS problem

I was looking through your Wiki for a the following file for download and was hoping to find it here (from your Wiki page ) MRS/Event

You can find software for these products [here]

I have a two 6 zone MRS units from 2002 which are still going strong; well, one has corrupted and I need to re-configure the sources with your software (mrevconf.exe) preferably. The second was bought as a backup unit and has yet to be configured for my requirements.

When I power up the unit, the keypads show random characters (for the selection of the sources as each set of random characters has a question mark at the end) and I cannot select any sources, only Room on or Off and volume. When I hit the volume button I can hear a click through the speakers as I turn the volume up.

If I can download the configuration software I should hopefully be able to sort this out unless you can think of anything else to try? I have tried configuring the unit through the front panel display but it keeps bringing up sources which I do not recognise, none of my programmed one and there doesn't seem to be anyway to change them.

I would greatly appreciate your help on this as the MRS unit has been bullet proof up until now and I would like to stick with it.

I have fixed the link to the PC software so you can download it. Please note that it is much better to use a PC with a real COM port rathere than a USB-to-serial converter. You can try one of these but we can goie you no help whatsoever with it.
Also you may need to use Windows 2000 to run this software.
It may be that the battery/RAM/clock chip has gone flat. We can supply these for you to fit yourself or we can do it for you. See Changing_the_battery_chip. Email if you want a chip. Martin Hogbin (talk) 10:58, 26 November 2016 (UTC)

3three problem

I am having difficulty getting my 3hree back since I replaced the rj45 plugs with sockets on the wall. I am testing the identical connections with pads on short rj45 leads and get the panel lights on but nothing except "speaker off" when I press middle and left buttons. Same on all 3 pads. Speakers are connected.

Any idea what's going on?

Hope you can help on this!

Have you turned the 3hree power off? It mat be that the battery chip has gone flat and the system lost its config.
Otherwise, I can only suggest that you carefully check the plug wiring. Martin Hogbin (talk) 19:26, 13 December 2016 (UTC)

Hi Martin, Yes I did unplug the 3hree unit and took a look inside as you suggested, the battery might be exhausted. I opened the unit; although there is no obvious battery to change, I see you have a DS1216 lithium chip on the motherboard. Can you supply me with a replacement component? I see under the DS1216 there is a potted circuit, possibly this comes as a unit? Is this is what has to be changed? Happy to pay etc, please email me for details on how to take this forward, kind regards, James.

Yes, the DS1216 is the battery chip and we can supply a replacement but before you replace this chip you should try to redo the config. You would need to do this if you change the chip anyway.
You will need to download and use the PC config software. You will need a PC with a real serial port to use it.
If the config can be loaded, try turning off the power for a while to see if it remains.Martin Hogbin (talk) 15:35, 14 December 2016 (UTC)

OK, I tried the config software and it did not work, connected up wall pad (orange/white = 1, orange = 2, blue = 3, blue/white = 4) Still shows nothing on the pad when I press centre button. Could I drop it round to you perhaps or try something else? It was working fine last week.

You have used the wrong wiring see RJ45. It should be (orange/white = 1, orange = 2, green/white =3 blue = 4) Martin Hogbin (talk) 09:40, 16 December 2016 (UTC)

Hi Martin, I made the cable up myself!I have the blue/white in position 4 not green/white. I still think there is another problem... This is same cable I used to test when it was working, you see. ANyway - could there be something else wrong? Sorry to be a pain!

Well, so long as the connections are the same at both ends the coulours do not matter.
One thing you might check is that the config has been accpted OK. On the PC software select 'new' to clear the config in the PC then read the config from the box. Check that it is what you expect. let me know the result here. Martin Hogbin (talk) 19:42, 6 January 2017 (UTC)

I checked the settings received with new (clean) settings on PC and it received what I expected; I have set up just one generic option on the box.

The basic posssiblities are:
The 3hree itself. This is basically working as the test that you have done shows. The only possibity is a fault in the data transmisssion circuit or damage to the microprocessor input.
The cable. So long as it is the same at both ends it will be fine. Maybe try another one to be sure.
The pad. Either the data output circuitry has been damaged or the microprocessor input has been damaged.
To diagnose these problems you will really need an oscilloscope. Can you get the use of one? Martin Hogbin (talk) 12:11, 7 January 2017 (UTC)

I tested with all three pads. Each has its own cable. I don't have an oscilloscope! Any chance you can help please?

You are welcome to send the unit back to us for repair under the Fixed_price_repairs scheme. Martin Hogbin (talk) 16:35, 9 January 2017 (UTC)


Hi Martin

I have looked through all the help pages and have come to the opinion that the rs232 connection on the room box6 is not set up for control from an automation system and that the interface the smart rs wont work with the roombox6, I was wondering if I wanted to control 4 zones if I was able to aquire 4 ir pads and install them in conjunction with the room pads I could then control from an external control system? I also noticed that a chap had asked you about rs232 before did this develop any further? If the irpad is an option do you know where I might source them?

Sorry, we have no IR pads. You are correct that there is no RS232 interface to the system. This is not likely to change.Martin Hogbin (talk) 19:39, 6 January 2017 (UTC)

Rooms have the same sound

I can't now play different sources from different rooms - if I change the source on a display pad in one room, it plays the same sound in another room, if the display pad is on. But I can turn rooms on and off. This has just happened - I used to have one shared room but my other rooms were individual... \

Is this all the rooms?
Did you do or change anything at all just before you had the problem. Martin Hogbin (talk) 18:54, 6 January 2017 (UTC)

Musicbox 3 powering up but not passing boot stage

Hello My name is Andy Williams. I have a client who purchased a living control system around 8 years ago. Last week their musicbox 3 stopped working. I have it in our workshop and tested it. It appears to be the HD so I was wondering if it would at all be possible to obtain a new one without sending back the unit itself. My company is Spiral Technologies and we have been installing and serviceing AV equipment for the past 14 years. Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards Andy My email address is if you wish to contact me.

If it is the HD then we will need to have the unit back for repair as it will need our operating system to be re-installed. We do not release the discs needed to do this. Martin Hogbin (talk)

RoomBox problem

We had a power cut the other evening and since the power came back on my RoomBox hasn’t been working properly.

We can play music from Musicbox but the IR’s have stopped working on both the tuners. Also I cannot access the menu on the RoomBox screen or via the software. I have tried sending my saved configuration to the box again but it makes no difference. Could it be an operating system problem?

Are you saying that the normal running (with clock) screeen does not appear on the RoomBox? Martin Hogbin (talk) 16:17, 14 January 2017 (UTC)

Hi Martin, No the normal running screen is present but if I press the 'ok' button I don't get the full Menu any longer, I only get 'set clock' and 'exit' options. I cannot turn it off from the running screen either. With the software I can only edit MusicBox content, I can't select a room or play from tuners.

Is the clock running? Martin Hogbin (talk) 22:37, 14 January 2017 (UTC)

Yes the clock is running.

Imagine that the pads work fully too:
I think you have two problems
1 The RoomBox display is in lockout mode. This was added to prevent children from presssing buttons and breaking things. To get out of this mode see RoomBox_6#Lockout
2 The MusicBox has not recognised the RoomBox properly. Try rebooting the MusicBox. Martin Hogbin (talk) 23:17, 15 January 2017 (UTC)

That's solved it Martin, thank you. Although I cannot turn the Room Box off via the '0' button on the front panel. It doesn't do anything. Neither does the button labelled with the musical note icon. It's not a great problem as I can use the system again, just wondered why?

There is no 'off' on the front panel of the RoomBox 6. The note icon was for use with the old imerge MusicBox. Martin Hogbin (talk) 22:18, 22 January 2017 (GMT)

Hi Martin, Sorry to bother your again! I added a zone the other day and all was good until I noticed that I cannot now change the stations on the two Tuners. It's as though the IR is not working again. I've checked that the RB is not in lock out and I've rebooted the MB but to no avail. I've also check that the IR plugs are in the back of the RB. The clock is running on the RB and the software works from a PC although the station will not change from the software either. The MusicBox works as it should. Have I missed something?

Annoying crackling sounds after adding a Sonos "Connect" to my Event box


I have an old Event box driving my multi-room system. Inputs include: Sky DigiBox, iMerge Soundserver S2000, Yamaha DVD player S540 and a Denon tuner TU260LII. Yes, its quite an old set-up!

Thus the wish to bring some present day technology to the system! I added a Sonos Connect to the 6th inputs (the iMerge uses up 2 of the inputs, with the rest used by the above boxes). No issues getting the Sonos to work and deliver music to the whole house, BUT, in the process of adding the Sonos, I seem to have created a problem of an annoying crackling sound.

This crackling sound is happening in all the rooms, and happens not only when the Sonos is playing, but also happens when any of the other units are played (tuner, iMerge, Sky etc). The cackling doesn't seem to be controlled by the volume controls in the rooms (it's always there, but more noticeable when the sound is turned down, or there is a break in the music). I have tried turning off the Sonos to see if that would help, but the crackling is still there with Sonos switched off (note that the Sonos Connect is ethernet wired, and the volume is set to Fixed Volume). I tried to move the Sonos further away from the Event box, but that didn't seem to help either.

One last thing. In adding the Sonos Connect, I accessed the Event box for the first time in more than 12 years. I connected via a laptop and the downloaded configuration software from this wiki. I renamed the 6th source to Sonos via the "Custom" choice in the drop down menu for the input sources, as there was no choice for Sonos (too old!). I did not change any of the suggested technical numbers (IR protocol, Sensitivity etc).

Any suggestions?

Thank you Mr. S. Peng Jan 29, 2017

Can I start with a question. If you just unplug the Sonos input, does the crackling go away? Also, does the system play through an AV amp in any room? Martin Hogbin (talk) 17:08, 30 January 2017 (GMT)

Martin, I think I fixed it. It seems to have been due to a TP-Link power line adapter (being used to allow an ethernet connection to the Sonos) plugged into the same power strip as the Event Box. Thanks again

Excellent, thanks for letting me know. Martin Hogbin (talk) 22:46, 21 February 2017 (GMT)

Seting up RoomBox to control scheduled Rako Lighting Events

Hi Martin,

Could you tell me how to set up the RB6 to be able to control Rako lights for a certain room in the events options of the Display Pads? ive looked on the Wiki bu ti cannot find anything about it. I have the RAVLC by the way.

I have added a page on the subject at RoomEvents. Let me know here if you find any omissions or errors or have any problems. Martin Hogbin (talk) 19:35, 3 February 2017 (GMT)

Replacement Motherboard for MusicBox3 Audio Server

Hi there,

I wonder if you can help me. I'm looking to repair (or get repaired) a Living Control MusicBox3 Audio Server. It seems to either be the power supply or the motherboard as the LCD screen comes on, but it doesn't boot with any output from the VGA port (unless that's a configuration feature!). It has an ECS KM400 M2 v1.0 motherboard and I'm wondering if you've had much experience replacing it with either a second hand replacement or a similar motherboard?

Alternatively, is it feasible to get a replacement working? Maybe the way forward could be what's hinted at on the wiki where it says "If your MusicBox fails, you can replace it with a number of other devices that will let you play music from iTunes or other sources through your existing Living Control system."?

Any help would be very much appreciated as my sister-in-law's family have a lovely big house with Living Control VideoPad NTs all around the place :).

We do not supply any spares such as motherboards as you would need our proprietary software to get them working but we can mend MusicBoxes under our fixed price repair scheme.
If you want to integrate iTunes see Apple integration. You can integrate Sonos in a similar way but I do not know which Sonos product you need. It must have an analogue audio output. I believe that both these will give you access to Spotify.
If you want us to come round and connect the Airport Express or Sonos Box we will do so under our consultancy conditions. We cannot guarantee the correct operation of Apply or Sonos products though. Martin Hogbin (talk) 12:41, 13 February 2017 (GMT)


Hi. I am a newb. Moved into ahouse with Living control installed. I have Roombox6 and MusicBox3

I have installed the RB6 software to my PC and gone to preferences to type in "password" as the password and the response is password incorrect! What am I missing ??

Sorry I do not know what this might be 'password' should be the correct password until you change it. It might be worth logging in as an admin. What version of Windows are you using? Martin Hogbin (talk) 23:09, 24 February 2017 (GMT)

Hi. I have tried installations on Windows 10 and XP. Both installations as admin and both ran as admin too. The password change button does nothing, and I cannot overtype what already appears to be a password. I downloaded both the RB6 and NT versions and installed both to see if that would help, but still not joy. The ONLY thing I have not done (but felt it would make no difference) is to connect the PC to the RB with the serial lead beforehand. I am waiting for my USB/Serial lead through the post, but thought I'd install the software in readiness...

The problem may resolve itself when you connect to a RoomBox 6. USB/SErial leads may be problematic and we can give you no help on using them.

Hi. It did. The USB/Serial connection eliminated the issue completely - thanks

Pad Wiring

Hi Martin

i have looked to control the living control roombox six with an external control system and all options are not available however in the project each keypad has a cat5 home run and if i could use two of the wires i can set up an ir path to the integral ir reciever on the keypad. My question is are all eight wires of the cat 5 needed and if not which ones can i rob?

thanks Niall

Cores 6 Green, 7 Brown/white, and 8 Brown are not used. 5 Blue/white is not used unless that zone has a zone splitter. Martin Hogbin (talk) 18:26, 28 February 2017 (GMT)

Configuring PURE DAB

Hi. Making good progress with my RB6. The house I have bought uses DisplayPad-S to control MB3. I have a Pure DAB radio and have selected the source etc, but how do I get to use the Display Pads to select different stations ? I have added a couple in as presets but despite selecting between them, I only get whatever is showing on the DAB unit itself..?

Trust that makes sense..??

Update:- As there is no "loop" back to the DAB, is it something to do with the IR protocol number?

I have just added the page Setting up a radio tuner. Please let me know here if it is not clear or if you have any problems. Martin Hogbin (talk) 10:30, 1 March 2017 (GMT)

Hi Martin. It has helped me - Thankyou. I can select stations using the display pads.. On to the next bits now !

Can I upgrade from DisplayPad-S to VideoPad

Hi My house has DisplayPad-S installed and I have bought a few videopads from ebay. Aside from channeling more wall out, are these units interchangeable ??

I have an RB6 at the heart of my system ? Thanks

Yes that should be fine. You may need different connectors though. Martin Hogbin (talk) 19:25, 7 March 2017 (GMT)

Battery/RAM/Clock chip

Do you still have these?

I tried mailing on sales@living... and legacysupport@living... but both bounced.

Thanks, Lee

Rommbox 6 No IR control

Hi Martin,

I added a zone to my house the other day and all was good until I noticed that I cannot now change the stations on the two tuners. It's as though the IR is not working from the RoomBox. I've checked that the RB is not in lock out and I've rebooted the MB but to no avail. I've also check that the IR plugs are in the back of the RB. The clock is running on the RB and the software works from a PC although the station will not change from the software either. The MusicBox works as it should. Have I missed something?

Have you checked that the blink emitters are still in place? Martin Hogbin (talk) 15:04, 22 March 2017 (GMT)

Problems with outdoor "waterproof" control pad and connecting a Sonos Connect

HI there I have had a living control systems for about 10 years. I have two questions

1. I have a water pad which has become damaged due to water ingress, Can this be repaired or replaced?

2. I want to replace the music box with a wontons [Sonos?] connect. Can I simply change the units out using the existing connections to the room box 6 v 2.0? or will i need to reconfigure the room box using a pc?



We have no WaterPads now but may be able to repair your old one as shown here.
You can connect any source with an analogue audio output to a RoomBox but you will not be able to control it using the wall pads. It is best to reconfigure the source. See RoomBox_6_PC_configuration_software#Adding_an_Apple_Airport_Express_or_a_Sonos_Zone_Player_as_a_source for details. Martin Hogbin (talk) 19:10, 21 April 2017 (BST)

Dim Display Pads ?


Is there a way I can set my display pads to not be back-lit when not in use ?

The one in our bedroom remains alight with the blue LCD shining and it is very bright in a dark room.

Is this a fault, or do I have to do something to have them light up when pressed ??

Many Thanks

It depends on which version of DisplayPad you have. Press and hold all three buttons. Use the left and right buttons to see what is available. If it is there, press the centre button to select 'Offlight' from the menu. Select 'Off', then 'Exit' from the setup menu. Martin Hogbin (talk) 23:01, 4 May 2017 (BST)

RoomBox6 "Error 1"; USB serial comms; and PC configuration software

My system currently comprises a RoomBox6 (RB6 v2.4 firmware) and a MusicBox3 (MB5-NT v3.67 firmware). I wish to add a second RoomBox6 (RB6 v2.3 firmware), which has been in storage (and never used by me) since I acquired the whole system a few years ago.

1. On startup, this second RB reports an “Error 001, contact your dealer for advice” message. I connected a DisplayPad and the source names are corrupted. I am able to proceed to the menu on the RB and set the clock, but the system looses it’s time after it’s powered down. When I select “Erase Cfg” from the Setup menu, it’s displays that the configuration is being erased, but sits there forever. I’m a Mac user and don’t currently have access to a PC with a console port with which to use the configuration software and troubleshoot. Is there a way of positively confirming that the battery chip needs to be replaced? And if it does, what’s the cost (I would fit it myself)?

The fact that the clock stops running when the power goes off tells me that you need a new battery/RAM/clock chip. The price is £70. You can find fitting instructions at Changing_the_battery_chip. Martin Hogbin (talk) 18:41, 7 May 2017 (BST)

What’s the typical life-expectancy of these chips? Does the MusicBox also have one that needs replacement periodically? I recall that the DisplayPads also seem to remember their settings after being disconnected, do they have a battery that requires replacement at some point too?

The chips should last around 7 years. They are obsolete and very hard to get hold of.
The MusicBox and DisplayPads do not have battery chips. The MusicBox does have standard computer components which may fail.

2. Assuming that I’m able to get the RB up and running, I’m aware that I need RS232 communication between the three units. I do not currently have one of the 3-way serial leads. In addition to the DB9 male-to-female lead that’s currently connecting the first RB with the MB, I happen to own a USB-to-DB9 lead, which I’m hoping to use alongside the other lead. In order to test the compatibility of the USB lead, I connected the working RB to the MB with it, but it appears that the communication does not work. Does MB5-NT v3.67 support the USB connection or will it need to be upgraded? And if so, can I do this myself or is there a cost involved? I’m struggling to find a three-way serial with the right genders on the Internet.

I am not sure if V3.67 supports USB control; try it and see. That version can easily be upgraded with a disc which we can send you for £25 if needed.Martin Hogbin (talk) 18:41, 7 May 2017 (BST)

The Wiki mentions that I need to be running v3.76 in order to use an update disk and that systems running earlier versions would need to be returned to you. MusicBox_update_CD Given this and the uncertainty over the compatibility of my lead, I sense that the best route is for me to obtain a 3-way serial lead. Can you supply one?

The wiki has a mistake, which I will correct. It should say V3.67. We do not have any leads. Martin Hogbin (talk) 23:35, 7 May 2017 (BST)

3. When it comes to adjusting the configuration of the units, I’m looking to acquire an old PC. What’s the best OS to use with the configuration software?

Windows XP is probably best. Try to get a PC with a real RS232 port. Martin Hogbin (talk) 18:41, 7 May 2017 (BST)

Many thanks in advance for your help on this.

ColourPadNT : How To Change Wallpaper ?

Dear Martin

I have been using LivingControl products for personal use for more than 10 years. I have bought a new house and recently acquired a RoomboxNT with seven ColourPadNTs. I have tested it and everything appears to be working fine. However, I am struggling to change the wallpaper / background picture. With the older ColourPads you would press down on the panel around the time area and it would bring up a menu where you can change the background colour or picture. When I do this on the ColourPadNT, a menu appears with four options at the bottom 'OK' 'Clear' 'arrow left' and 'arrow right'. The arrows do not seem to do anything and the 'OK' and 'Clear' options take you back to the main screen. The link to the manual on this Wiki site for the ColourPadNT seems to be broken. I look forward to hearing from you. (PS: I tried several different ColourPadNTs, different micro SD cards, change the format of the saved images, etc)

Sorry for the delay in responding. Have you got anywher with this problem? Martin Hogbin (talk) 15:05, 10 June 2017 (BST)

Hi Martin - Since posting my message, I have moved house and I have had a lot of decorating to do. Hence the delay. No, I have not managed to resolve this issue. Could kindly confirm the procedure for accessing the menu to change the ColourPadNT to display an image from a memory card please ? Many Thanks. Brian

Unfortunately I do not have a recors of how to change the wall paper but I will try to find out. Martin Hogbin (talk) 14:18, 9 August 2017 (BST)
Update. The were two types of ColourPad: one in which you need to remove or loosen the pad in order to access the SD card, and one in which you just need to remove the front plate. Which type do you have? Martin Hogbin (talk) 12:27, 12 August 2017 (BST)

Hi Martin - Sorry for the delay in replying. Mostly, the ColourPads are the type that you can access the SD card slot without having to unscrew the plate.

PS : Would you be able to supply me with a fresh housing for a WaterPad NT, white or chrome effect ? The housing for the one I have is rather weathered and old looking. I now want to rellocated it to a bathroom and white or chrome would be preferable.

CVX Issues

Hi Martin

We have a client with a RoomBox6 and a CVX that has been working fine until recently when they had a power cut.

I have restored operation on the RoomBox and it selects sources, allows IT passthrough and appears to be functioning.

The issue we have is with the CVX. It no longer appears to be routing any video through to the TV's.

Is there anything we can try to remedy this? It appears to have power but is non functional on all of its outputs.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Kind regards

Jason (Tectone Ltd)

Have you set up the video switching on the RoomBox? This controls the CVX. Martin Hogbin (talk) 14:14, 9 August 2017 (BST)


Hi there

I'm looking for 3 replacement keypads for one of your multi room systems, the keypads are probably around 10 - 15 years old, silver finish in a single gang wall box, LCD screen with 10 characters and 2 lines, one above the other, looks like a thin IR receiver under the LCD then 3 round buttons under that.

serial number of the amp they are connected to is 1565/E

rest of the system is working fine


Chris Harris TClarke Intelligent Buildings 0774049132

We can probably help you. Are the buttons in a straight line or in a slight curve on a plastic insert. Martin Hogbin (talk) 14:17, 9 August 2017 (BST)

MusicBox and Studio6 for Mac Zip seems to be corrupt

Hi Martin,

I'm trying to download and use the "MusicBox and Studio6 control software clients", but the Zip file won't decompress on Mac or in Windows. I notice the Mac OS link under the "Links to old website Dealer Zone" also doesn't take me anywhere. Are you able to help / correct these links?

You should be avle to find the correct version of the software on the MusicBox drive itself. If you navigate to the MusicBox on your network you should find a file called clients. Try looking in there. Martin Hogbin (talk) 16:18, 14 September 2017 (BST)

WaterPad for living control

Hello, is it possible to get a replacement WaterPad control unit for my living control system. Thanks, Mark.

Sorry, we have none left. Martin Hogbin (talk) 14:55, 5 October 2017 (MDT)

Tone Controls

Hi Martin, I hope you are well.

I was wondering .... although the Living Control System has very good quality sound, some studio recordings lack in some aspects of bass and treble and the same applies to some smaller speakers. Is there a way of altering the tone for outputs from the Roombox 6?

If not could I add a graphic equaliser with its own remote control and then use the global IR to change the tone from a displaypad? I realise that I would probably only be able to do this for one output though. I would need 6 equalisers for the total system.


There is no way of changing the tone withoin the RoomBox. You could do as you suggest though and add a preamp level equaliser to each source. Martin Hogbin (talk) 13:59, 21 November 2017 (MST)

3hree CPU: Error01 displayed

Unit: 3hree Version 1.3 with 3 zones configured

I have an "Error01" displayed on the wall tab.

Pls refer to the below link for a video of my observation

Appreciate your advise on what this Error01 means and how to go about resolving it?

That error code means that the config is corrupt and you need to reload it. If it returns on power off or you cannot get rid of by loading a new config you may need to change the battery chip.
To load the config you will need to run the software shown on this page. Martin Hogbin (talk) 14:08, 21 November 2017 (MST)

Room Box 4

HI I have a client who has a room box 4 it appears to be working the key pads are lit, but will only show Speakers Off.

I have tried rebooting/disconnecting etc etc but still the same.

Is there anything we can do??

Many thanks Andy

Music Box export

A friend of mine has a Roombox6 and Musicbox. She has had the system for about 12 years I think. She is now moving and the system will have to stay in the house. All of her music is on the music box, how do we download the music off the music box onto a pc or portable hard drive in a format than can be used say by windows media player or imported into Itunes, basically how do we save her music when she moves ?

Any help appreciated .. Lawrence 11/03/18

Install new pad and a splitter

Hi Martin

You have done some work a few years ago at our house and I was wondering if you could come back and install a Display Pad and configure it for us?

Please let me know we are in SW London, so not to far from you in Oxted.


Andrew (


I have a MusicBox 5 that has blown is motherboard. Can't source an identical board on the web, but have sourced a later board from the same company with nearly identical I/Os?

Is it possible to get a wiring / connection diagram for the MusicBox?

Failing that does anyone have a box that can be salvaged to get a working motherboard?



Room display/Keypads

Hi, we have a system that is about 12 years old. Works great in most rooms but sadly a couple of the room key pads have stopped working (just frozen on past display and cannot change to put on new song). I live in Penn, Bucks - would it be possible for you to come and fix? Many thanks, Ian

Studio6 front panel

Only power button works , how can I get all buttons working checked all wiring, checked os and harddrives , is there a way I can check or re install drivers ect

Noisy Music Box

Hi Is it possible to replace noisy cooling fan - at least that's what it sound like. Any Living Control Service in Dublin?

Kind regards Johnny

Repair To MusicboxNT5

Hi Martin

Before I send to you a faulty MusicBoxNT5, I just wanted to verify that you are still undertaking repairs to these units and that the cost will be £420 ?

Look forward to hearing from you.



Display pad sl rj 45

Hello!Im looking for 4 display room pads for my living control system.Bought a house and the pads ar missing.They shoulb be in polished brass.Anyone could help???? Ralf

Roombox 6 sound but no video distribution

Dear Martin

I'm hoping that this is a quick fix?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Wall pad

Ur system has worked perfectly since installation but now the wall pad comes up with title error and we cannot lay music. Can you help please. My name is Peter lydon. 01932 865416

Hi Martin, my Music Box has stopped working . do you do repairs on this.

Kind Regards

John Chaplin

How To Cable MusicBox3 to RoomBox6

Not sure if these pages are still live, but here goes ... I've just inherited a LivingControl RoomBox6 in a new house. It had been uncabled at the business end. I've got it working again with a Tuner source going to all rooms. Very nice. I'm now faced with a MusicBox3 which looks like a great piece of kit if I can get it working. I connected the serial port to the RoomBox6 and the tracks that were already on it became visible on the room plates. Can't play them though. I assume I have to connect an audio output from the MusicBox to one of the RoomBox's source inputs. This is where it's not intuitive. The back of the MusicBox has a rectangle of eight Phono sockets ( 4 x 2 ). These are labelled OUT1, OUT2, INPUT, DIG3 across one side and OUT, IN across the other. I expected to see something labelled left and right. Am I supposed to be choosing a particular pair to run phono cables - or am I completely missing the point ?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks. Alan ...

New house

Hello I’ve recently moved house to 22 Fairmile Lane in Cobham which has got a living control system throughout. I’d really appreciate if if you could visit and set us up properly and explain how it works.

Thank you James

07943 860 286

Event v2.9 music box repairs

Hello Mr Hogbin

I'm just wondering if you are still offering fixed price repairs of Living Control boxes? I believe I have an Event v2.9 box that has recently started to act up. If you are no longer offering repairs to these boxes, any suggestions as to what I might be able to replace it with, that would slot into my existing home set up (multi-room, multi-components, with original Living Control wall control pads)?

Thanks in advance

Mr. Peng

Roombox6 Hard disc corruption

Hi Martin,

I have a Roombox 6 whose hard disc appeard to have been corrupted due to a power failure. Is there any way of restoring the hard drive to its factory configuration so that I can set it up again? I do have a disc with software upgrade that I had used on the box successfully. Perhaps there is a boot disc available that can be used.