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Finding information

This is the Living Control source of technical information. To find what you want you can either search for a subject using the 'search' box or at the left of the page or just click on the blue links to navigate to where you want to be.

Clicking on items in the 'Contents' at the top of most pages will take to the relevant section on the same page. Often you will need to click a link there to find what you want.

Asking questions

For general question about Living Control you can ask on this page. Anyone can edit this page, you do not have to log in.

To edit any of the other talk pages you must open an account and log in.

Opening an account

We are experiencing increased activity from spambots trying to place advertising material into this wiki. For this reason we have temporarily disabled account creation. If you need to open an account email us at or just click this link You can ask your question in the email and we will open an account for you and post the reply on the wiki.