Copying music to your MusicBox over a network

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To do this your MusicBox must be on your home network. It is best connected via a cable to your router. Alternatively, if it has WIFi, you should be able to connect it by this means. Make sure the MusicBox is set up on your network. See MusicBox_settings#Setup_network

You then need to find your MusicBox on your home network. The way in which this is done depends on your network and the operating system of the device that you are using. When you have found the MusicBox, which may be called 'music' or media'. Open the device (usually by double clicking it) and you should fine a folder called import. Drag and drop music files (.mp3, .flac etc) onto the 'import' folder. Do not drag more than about 20 at a time.

After a short which the MusicBox should find the files and load them into the its own system. They will then disappear from the 'import' folder.