Consultancy conditions

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This page shows the basis on which Living Control will provide technical consultancy, unless agreed otherwise in writing or by email. We offer on-site consultancy to help resolve, specification, technical, and installation problems with multiroom audio systems subject to the conditions below.


Our standard charge for technical consultancy is £480 per day. For customers within one hour's travelling time from Oxted, we can, as a minimum, do 1/2 day visits, which will be charged at £240. For other customers the minimum charge will be £480. Customers without a credit account will be required to pay in advance.


We do not accept responsibility for equipment not supplied by us, such as legacy equipment supplied by Living Control Ltd, who have ceased trading. If such equipment is faulty we may offer to repair it at our standard repair rates. Although we may help with the installation of products from other manufacturers (such as Apple Airport Express, Chromecast and Bluetooth) we do not accept resonsibility for the correct functioning of such products or for their integration with your home WiFi network.

Equipment supplied by us will be covered by our warranty.


We will always do our best to help resolve any problems but, unless we have been engaged in writing at the start of an installation project to be responsible for the specification of the equipment necessary to met the customer's requirements, we do not accept any responsibility for failure of the system to meet any performance specification, provide specific features, or to meet the customer's requirements. These remain the sole responsibility of the initial installer.


We do not generally undertake wiring work or repairs. Where this work is needed we suggest that a specialist wiring or installation company is used for any wiring work required.

In cases where the system has been badly installed, we can take no responsibility for the wiring. In some cases we may decline to disturb the existing wiring in case this causes a fault in another part of the customers installation except at the customer's specific request and strictly on the basis that we take no responsibility for any faults that may result from wiring disturbance.