Connection of RoomBox 6 to B&O Powerlink

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The DIN connectors that provide line and pre-amp level signals out can be connected to B&O powerlink speakers using the following connection scheme.

B&O function B&O DIN plug pin Powerlink cable colour RoomBox DIN plug pin RoomBox function
Powerlink on 1 Grey Do not connect x
Audio ground 2 Shields 2 Audio ground
Left pre 3 Brown 5 Left pre (variable)
Trigger 4 Yellow 8 Trigger +12 v
Right pre 3 Green 5 Right pre (variable)
Data 6 White centre 6 (not required) Not used
Data ground 7 White braid 7 (not required) Trigger 0 v
Not used 8 Pink Do not connect x

This can be most easily accomplished by taking a standard Powerlink cable and:

1) Cutting the grey wire.

2) Cutting the yellow and pink wires.

3) Connecting the yellow from the B&O end to the pink from the RoomBox end. Leave the other ends disconnected.

However this swaps the right and left channels. For correct channels make up a cable exactly as shown on the diagram above.

Full description of the RoomBox 6 DIN connector
Pin number RoomBox 6 function Phono converter out
1 Right line (fixed) output Black
2 Audio ground All phono grounds
3 Right pre (variable) output Yellow
4 Left line (fixed) output Red
5 Left pre (variable) output White
6 Not connected
7 Low going trigger (0 V active, +12 V inactive)
8 High going trigger (+12 V active, 0 V inactive)