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All Living Control Systems need to be configured for the sources to be used and the features required in the zones.

To do this you need the PC configuration software. You will also need PC with a serial port or a fully RS232 compatible USB to serial converter

Download the files below and run them on your PC to install the configuration software.

RoomBox NT

V 5.3.2

This is the latest version of the RoomBox NT configuration software. Use it for new or recent installations as the config files are not compatible with files saved on earlier versions of software. See 'Download' just below.


Download V 5.3.2

Using the software

Click here for details of how to use this software.

New features

Adds support for Sensible Heat heating control.

Firmware requirements

Requires firmware V 3.8.1 to be running in the RoomBox for heating control.
It is compatible with V 3.7.20 if you do not want heating control


This is an older version of the software for those who have config files saved with this version.


* Download here

Discontinued products



Download RB6_v5_1_2
Note that if you are running Windows 7 you will need to be logged in as an administrator when you run this.

On some systems we have heard that the RoomBox 6 config software will not run unless the RoomBox NT software has also been installed on your PC. If you are having problems you could give this a try.

Using the software

Click here for details of how to use this software.

IR uploader


IR version IR13


Use the IR uploader software above to transfer this to your RoomBox6.


Firmware with IR version 1.6 (now MusicBox5 compatible) [3]


You can find software for these products [here] This software needs to run on Windows 2000.


You can find software for this product [here]