Fixed price repair terms and conditions

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Fixed price repairs exclude major physical damage and major electrical damage such as lightning strikes. To qualify for a fixed price repair, products must have been working properly originally, must have been purchased through an authorised distributor, and must not have been subject to unauthorised repairs. Bankrupt stock is not covered by this service. Products which do not meet these requirements may be accepted for repair on the basis that the standard fee is paid in advance but additional charges may be made. The unit will not be returned until such fees have been paid.

You pay for carriage to us and we pay for the unit to be returned to you. Make sure that it is adequately packed to protect it from damage in transit. We will not accept responsibility for damage during transit to us.

Because of the variation in components, and design changes over the years, repairs may take up to six weeks to be completed, in rare cases even longer.


Although we will make very effort to retain the media on MusicBoxes and Studio 3/6s sent for repair we cannot guarantee to do this. If you want us not to delete your media under any circumstances please tell us when you send the unit; this may mean that we cannot repair it and will have to return it to you unrepaired under the terms described below on this page.

Unable to repair

If a unit is found to have major mechanical or electrical damage and is considered unrepairable or if the unit cannot be repaired because you have asked us not to delete the media on it we will return the unit unrepaired together with 2/3 of the repair fee.

If we are unable to repair a unit for any other reason it will be returned unrepaired and the fee refunded.

Components used

In some cases we may not be able to obtain new replacement components and we may therefore have to use recycled or recovered components. These will still be covered by the warranty described below.


Repaired or replaced components are warranted for six months from the date of the repair. A repair does not turn an old product into a new one. This repair warranty only covers the items that we have replaced, it does not apply to other components in the same unit which fail within the warranty period.


If you decide that you wish to cancel the repair and have the unit returned in an unrepaired state you must tell us in writing or by email, clearly stating that you wish us to stop repair work and return the unit to you in an unrepaired state. We will then charge for any work carried out up to the time of the cancellation. In some cases this charge could be greater than the fixed charge and the unit will not be returned until any extra charges are paid. If the charge is less than the fixed fee, the excess will be refunded.