Creating a new source type

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This page shows you how to create a new source type for a RoomBox NT. You should start with one of the existing sources, which you will need to drag to the row of sources in the source configuration box in the config software. You should start with a source of the same category that you plan to create. For example, if you want to create a new CD player type you should start with an existing CD player. Click 'apply' at the bottom of the box to allow the new source to be edited.

Source name

Change the name in the 'Model' box to the name for your new source. Be sure to change the name or you may overwrite an existing device.

Adding IR codes

The IR code table shows you the codes that you will need to add to enable the RoomBox to control the source. Some categories of source require only a few codes, others require more. You must add pronto hex codes for all those listed in the table.

The codes added must be in straight pronto hex format. Cut the code text from the program giving you the code and paste it into the appropriate line in the table. You can right click a line of code to see it in full.

It is important that the codes pasted into the table are straight Pronto hex. Oddly enough, most Philips Prontos and associated software do not give you the straight Pronto hex codes for codes that they have learned. See Learning Pronto hex codes for advice.

Creating a new source category